Mission Statement

The Beryllium Health & Safety Committee (BHSC) promotes activities/efforts that help people better understand and prevent beryllium-induced conditions and illnesses, including Beryllium Sensitization (BeS) and Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD). Such illnesses may be caused or exacerbated by workplace exposure to beryllium.

The BHSC mission is primarily educational in nature, and is accomplished through generation, collection and dissemination of information to members and other interested parties:

  • Promoting the safe use of beryllium
  • Obtaining a better understanding of exposure risks
  • Improving exposure monitoring
  • Fostering improved controls
  • Accumulating and disseminating information concerning beryllium process best work practices, as well as, data from health studies concerning the hazards associated with beryllium
  • Training / mentoring of beryllium health professionals
  • Identifying and promoting research that has the potential to enhance or improve our worker safety programs

Charter || Bylaws

Membership & Information

If you are interested in becoming a member or want to receive information about the committee, please fill out a Membership form and email to the BHSC Membership Secretary.


The Executive Board and full committee meet twice a year with intermediate meetings as required. See Events for more details.


The BHSC publishes a monthly newsletter:
Current Issue: February 2016